Debugging strategies #

You can use the debugging tools you always used for web development. The eventListeners from furo-fbp are the same eventListeners you have had before.

$0 is the selected element from the elements tab.


getEventListeners($0) shows you the attached eventListeners

Show the fbp listeners on a host #

Use $0.__FBPEventlistener to show all listeners on the host component


Show the wires on a host #

Use $0.__wirebundle to show all registered wires.


Keep in mind that wires without receivers will not show in this list.

Debugging a single wire #

To debug a single wire write $0._FBPDebug("--markdown").


Every time this wire triggers, you will see the following information in your console.

Tracing #

To trace all wires in a host use $0._FBPTraceWires().


This will log every triggering wire to the console. In most of the cases, the problems you have to solve, are caused by typos in wire names.