Working with suboptimal components #

Some components that you may want or have to use are not dispatching events or receiving data by methods. Therefore, furo FBP has some features to work with them too.

Setting a member value #

To set a value of a component you use can be done with the set-property.

Note, a property is not an attribute.

You have to know what you do. This is a direct manipulation of a component and maybe there is some reason why it does not expose the property.

Wireing responses from method calls #

When the method that you have wired only returns data that you want to use, you can wire the response with at-fnret-methodname.

The response of the calculate(n) method is avaliable on the wire --calculatedSqrRoot.

Spread arguments #

When a receiver mehtod accepts multiple arguments or is a spread operator and the data on the wire is spreadable, furo FBP will handle this for you correctly.